Welcome to Deurotech Group GmbH!

Thank you for your interest in our web presence and in our company.

We set a high value on the protection of your data and the protection of your privacy. It is your legitimated requirement to retain control on all personal data, which you pass to Deurotech Group GmbH. In order to ensure that you are fully informed on the collection and use of personal data, please take note of the following information.

Personal data are, according to the determination of § 3, para. 1 of the German Data Protection Act [Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG)], particulars on personal or factual conditions of a specific or determinable natural person (person concerned).

Data protection rights and tele-media data protection rights

According to the German Data Protection Act you have a right to

  • gratuitous information on your data stored by us and their use
  • as well as under certain preconditions a right to correction,
  • blocking or erasure of this data.
  • According to the German Tele-Media Act [Telemediengesetz (TMG)] you furthermore have the right to
  • withdraw a possibly grated consent to collection, processing and use of Internet usage data,
    at any time, without giving reasons as well as
  • to view stored internet usage data of your person or of a pseudonym, at any time.

If needed, please contact the data protection official of Deurotech Group GmbH.

Collection, processing and use of data

If we wish to collect, process or use personal data from your visit, we will inform you. You decide which personal data we receive and for what use we are allowed to processed and use them.

In order to steadily improve our web presence, we collect statistical information, e.g. number of visitors of individual websites. Kept are type of computer used and browser, internet provider, access date and time as well as access date to files in the download area. This data, only used for internal purposes, does not have personal reference.

Via public websites we only collect data for personal processing and use, if you decided voluntarily for the input or if you agreed explicitly.

Contact form:
The data stated in the contact form is stored at Deurotech Group GmbH. This data enables us to make contact with you. If you do not wish for further contact, a notice is sufficient to block this data and to delete it, if necessary.

We make note to the fact that the confidentiality of sensible personal data, which is sent to us via unencrypted e-mail, is not ensured towards third parties.

Deurotech Group GmbH does not sell or lease personal data to persons or bodies outside of Deurotech Group GmbH. The intra-corporate use for advertising purposes may happen, provided you did not object. We respect the limits given by data protection and competition laws.


Self-protection possibilities and Anonymity

Which information you entrust to us during your visit is up to you.

In all public websites of Deurotech Group GmbH you can move anonymously. You can leave our website at any time. We collect only statistical, not retractable data to improve our web presence.

When using our contact form it is up to you to only provide an e-mail address for answering or contacting. We will not trace the owner of this address.

Without your explicit consent no automated collection, processing or using of personal data from your visit to our web presence will be effected. If you, e.g., request our newsletter, you voluntarily supply the data.

Personal advertisements by Deurotech Group GmbH:
You can object to the intra-corporate use of personal data for personal advertising at any time.


At each entry form, which may contain several personal data, as name, address, etc., we place an automatic cryptographic end-to-end encryption.

This procedure is supported by the common web browsers. They recognize the encryption from the symbol in your browser display or from the display of the used protocol https (-> right mouse button -> properties). We recommend transmitting sensible, personal data only encrypted. SSL-enabled browsers you will find on the homepage of your operating system manufacturer.

Access protection at Deurotech Group GmbH:
In our internal files your data are protected according to state of the art (firewall) against unauthorized access of third parties. Employees of Deurotech Group GmbH require deliberately granted authorizations for the access to your data.


Contact person for data protection

In case of problems, questions and/or suggestions, please contact: 


The delegate for data protection is obligated to discretion on the identity of the persons/parties concerned as well as on circumstances, which allow conclusions to the persons/parties concerned, unless the delegate is exempted by the persons/parties concerned.


The steady development of the internet requires for adaptations of our data privacy statement from time to time. We reserve the right to execute corresponding changes at any time.

Downloading and printing outs

You can also download this text in pdf-format. To view and print pdf-files, you require a pdf-viewer, which is available as a free of charge download, e.g. from Adobe System GmbH. You can print the pdf-file with the help of the Adobe Reader by choosing FILE (Datei) and select PRINT (Drucken).

Langenfeld, May 2018
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