Partnering for Efficiency

Deurotech America Inc. was started in order to serve the North American customers of the Deurotech Group even better. It is our intention to build up a sales and service organization and to be closer to our customers.

Deurotech Group is a partnership of businesses specializing in the wood-based panels and paper industry. The machinery and plant engineers Vits Technology, IFA Technology, Wessel-Umwelttechnik and Airprotech offer coordinated process technology in surface converting from a single source: impregnating and coating lines, systems for resin preparation as well as exhaust air purification and energy recovery.

Vits Technology 
Global market leader for impregnation and coating lines

IFA Technology
Weighing, mixing, conveying and dosing systems; resin preparation

Turn-key plants for biological and chemical exhaust air purification and energy recovery systems

Turn-key plants for polluted exhaust gas through thermal oxidation, catalytic oxidation, and rotor-concentration